Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains important information pertaining to your billing. Please keep this handy and refer to it prior to calling the office. Following these instructions will keep the cost of providing services down by eliminating excess phone calls. Please remember, WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY PAYMENTS OUT OF THIS OFFICE. The Ohio Department of Medicaid(ODM) is solely responsible for your remittance. We submit information only. Please have your provider number ready for all inquiries, both to us and to the ODM.

NOTE: The submission report you receive from us is a copy of what we sent to the ODM and is in no way a guarantee of payment.

Who do I call to verify that you have received my fax?

This is highly recommended! You may contact our office and ask any of our staff to check for you.

How will I know what was submitted for payment?

Non-IP (Home Health) providers will receive a weekly submission report from our office for each claim you submit (if you do not currently receive reports, and would like to, please contact our office). IP providers are encouraged to call the ODM VRU or login to MITS to check payments. Please be sure that the totals are equal to what you submitted. If there is a discrepancy, please check to see if you have an Error page in your submission report. If you do, please make the correction on the sheet and return it to our office or resubmit the claim. If you do not have an Error page, please check your remittance advice from ODM for rejections and contact our office or login to MITS to make any necessary adjustments, or resubmit the corrected claim if the claim was denied in full.

What do I do if the amount being paid to me is not equal to the amount that is on the submission report from your office?

You may contact the ODM to check on any discrepancies. If an entire claim, or claims, were completely denied, please find out what the error is and resubmit the claim(s) to our office. If only partial payment is being issued, we will need to have a copy of the Remittance Advice (this will come on Friday or Saturday after payment is deposited in your account). NOTE: If an adjustment is submitted, it take 2 to 6 months for corrections to be made. If it is a simple rebill, you will receive payment on the next cycle. Please be very cautious when completing your billing form(s) to avoid adjustments.