Pricing and Submission Summary

Dyserv, Inc. currently processes claims electronically to the following 3rd parties:

Processing claims electronically will help your organization in the following way:

The following charges apply (effective April 01, 2015). All pricing is per claim form:

Medicaid Supplies
Medicaid (all other types)
Nationwide Medicare
CMNs (when required)
Workers Compensation
United Health Care
(Medicare primary, Medicaid secondary)

Additional Comments
Under 100 forms per month
100 - 500 forms per month
500 - 1000 forms per month
Over 1000 forms per month
Please contact our office for information on how to submit electronic claims on the internet or over email. Please note that there will be an initial programming fee of $75.00/hour

Postage for printouts mailed to your office will also be charged on your account.

Our minimum billing charge is $28.00 per month. That charge will only be imposed if forms are submitted during the month and if the total of your billing, excluding postage and tax does not reach $28.00.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (614) 294-6078.
Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Hard-Copy Claims:

Once the hard-copy claims reach our office, our data-entry department will key and verify each page. After verification, the claim data is converted to an ANSI file. This file is submitted to their respective payer every business day (Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays). Only those claims received by 5:00 PM (12:00 noon on Friday) will be on the daily submission. Any claims received after the deadline will be submitted on the following business day.

Electronic File and Internet Claims:

All claims received by 5:00pm will be processed for the daily submission.